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It Must Be Muscle…

For the last two months I have been working out religiously EVERY single day of the week. My neighbor and I meet each morning at 6:15 am and walk 2 miles at a fairly fast clip. She is a good … Continue reading

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Salon Phobic

Last night I was rifling through my desk and stumbled across a gift certificate that I completely forgot I had been given. Some dear friends gave me a very nice gift certificate to a local salon when our littlest man … Continue reading

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How To Choose Sunscreen

Despite our weekend being very overcast I noticed this morning that my son had a bit of sunburn on the tops of his ears. This means the time is now here to be vigilant about sunscreen and sun protection. I … Continue reading

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Drink Your Water But Not Too Much

Everywhere I turn lately there is something expounding on the benefits of drinking water. Certainly we should all drink more water. An ideal amount is eight 8oz glasses per day. It however possible to drink too much water. While most … Continue reading

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Eating Too Much Salt?

It always amazes when I step on the scale and in one day my weight fluctuates up or down by several pounds. Lately I have been tracking this and it seems to be directly related to my salt intake. If … Continue reading

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How fat is too fat? I have been wondering what is an ideal BMI so that I can set some realistic goals for myself. One thing I find increasingly frustrating is to be working out consistently and not seeing dramatic … Continue reading

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Pain In The Neck

I keep getting these stiff necks and am at a loss as to why they are occurring. Presently, I am trying yet another new pillow to see if this gives me any relief. Did you know that stiff necks can … Continue reading

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Breakfast The Low Carb Way

We are having a few people at our house this weekend leaving me looking for low carb breakfast ideas. This one sounds good because other people likely will not realize they are eating low carb Quiche with Flaked Ham and … Continue reading

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Delicious Low Carb Dinner Ideas

One of the things I like about these recipes is that you don’t have to buy unusual items to make these meals…no guar gum, no flax seed, no whey protein powder, no things-you’ve-never-heard-of-and-don’t-know-where-to-buy sort of ingredients. Broiled Salmon with Maple … Continue reading

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Preventive Care

When it comes to taking care of ourselves preventive care is one of the best gifts we can give our bodies. Sadly preventive care is something that most people simply overlook. Often the first time people see a doctor is … Continue reading

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Motivation In The Mail

My mail man probably hates me because of the sheer volume of mail he has to bring to my house each week. To appreciate why I would say this you really need to understand his plight. You see I am … Continue reading

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Back In The Exercise Saddle

When I started this blog it was going to have a focus on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For a period of time I was very diligent about posting different facts about my diet, exercise, and fitness goals. Then … Continue reading

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Gum Addict

We all have a few vices and I am going to come clean on one of mine. The simple truth is I love gum. In fact I love it too much and have been known to consume large packs in … Continue reading

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